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Welding & Instrumentation

AL SAD is the authorized distributor for ESAB welding consumables, standard equipment, automation and robotics integration, cutting machines and personal protection equipment. ESAB operates at the forefront of welding and cutting technology. Over 100 years of continuous improvement in products and processes enables ESAB to meet the challenges of technological advances in every sector in which ESAB operates. At ESAB, quality is an ongoing process that is at the heart of production processes and facilities worldwide.

Welding Consumables

  • Globally available, vast range of high productivity welding consumables covering all applications
  • Consistent high quality
  • Productive, environmentally-friendly packaging solutions
  • A wide range of pipe welding tested low-hydrogen consumables
  • Production standards rigorously proved and tested to meet customer requirements


  • Large variety of equipment designed for demanding applications
  • Designed for semi-automation and automation. High end and low end mechanized automation
  • Various degrees of freedom to adjust optimum process
  • A wide range of pipe welding tested low-hydrogen consumables
  • Smart technology for consistent quality, long product life

Automation & robotics Integration

  • Complete welding solutions for different customer needs
  • Full range of processes from MIG/MAG to SAW
  • Customized heavy duty submerged arc solutions
  • Reduced downtime in production due to smart designs
  • Full range of positioners, manipulators and column and booms


  • Cutting machines from 2 to 36mm machine width
  • Filter systems
  • Cutting tables
  • Plasma cutting solutions from 1 to 120mm cutting thickness
  • Specialized cutting software and easy to operate CNC controls
  • High-duty oxyfuel cutting equipment
  • Tools for automated weld-edge preparation

Personal protection equipment (PPE)

  • Full range of PPE
  • Complying to and exceeding the relevant standards
  • Specifications of welding glasses fulfil advanced optical requirements
  • UV and IR filtering

Led Lighting Products

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LEDs operate differently than traditional incandescent light bulbs. This makes LEDs far more rugged and durable than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LED technology also offers many additional advantages over incandescent, neon and compact fluorescent lighting devices - such as exceptionally longer life span (60,000 hours), enormously lower energy usage (90% more efficient), reduced maintenance costs and higher safety. LEDs are currently being used for a wide variety of applications such as: residential lighting, aerospace, architectural lighting, automotive, aviation, broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, entertainment and gaming, industrial automation and controls, the military, traffic and safety & transportation

Life Span

LEDs are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Since LEDs use only a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb there is a dramatic decrease in power costs. Also, money and energy is saved in maintenance and replacement costs due to the long LED lifespan.

E Series

Product Features: IP 67++ housing, 1,200,000 times vibration withstand under 12G, 15 patents, CE & RoHS certified, energy saving, high efficient, instant on, low light decay, short R.O.I, light weight, compact size, patented four directions adjustable bracket design, low maintenance cost, high lm/w.

Application: Key positions of operation room, girder, and boom in STS, RTG, and Ship Unloader.

Capable of fully lighting up the cabin bottom.

Designed to replace 250W~500W HPS lights.

The best product for installing on boom where hoisting up and down frequently.